I am Aaron Martin. I create web experiences, mobile products, custom typography, and branding experiences. I provide creative direction by way of design, product strategy, and art direction.

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Garden Grove Thin

We have a lot of rain in June.

Someone I know recently combined Maple Syrup & buttered Popcorn thinking it would taste like caramel popcorn. It didn’t and they don’t recommend anyone else do it either.

Garden Grove ExtraLight

£50 and ¥20 and $30 and €60.

The negative slips an accountant beside our bay mask. This cell smokes above a pole. Why can't the timer zoom? The lady borders the mnemonic grain. A teacher bottles the syndrome. An atmosphere develops the miscellaneous corn.

Garden Grove UltraLight

They got there early, and they got really good seats.

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Garden Grove Light

If I don’t like something, I’ll stay away from it.

I love eating toasted cheese and tuna sandwiches. A purple pig and a green donkey flew a kite in the middle of the night and ended up sunburnt. She did not cheat on the test, for it was not the right thing to do. A song can make or ruin a person’s day if they let it get to them.

Garden Grove Regular

Should we start class now, or should we wait for everyone to get here?

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Garden Grove Medium

There was no ice cream in the freezer, nor did they have money to go to the store.

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Garden Grove SemiBold

The waves were crashing on the shore; it was a lovely sight.

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Garden Grove Bold

Wednesday is hump day, but has anyone asked the camel if he’s happy about it?

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Garden Grove ExtraBold

Should we start class now, or should we wait for everyone to get here?

Our ally monitors the intolerance. The incorrect fork crawls next to the fluid. A logo forms the override above an unclear taxpayer. A suitable assault ruins the bomb. The sleeping wolf flags the gibberish. The truth multiplies across a deserving custom

Garden Grove Heavy

$1 currently trades at €0.96, and €1 is £0.84.

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