I am Aaron Martin. I create web experiences, mobile products, custom typography, and branding experiences. I provide creative direction by way of design, product strategy, and art direction.

About me
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About me

My name is Aaron Martin, and I am a designer of experiences. I create custom web, mobile, typography, and brands. I bring creative direction by way of design, strategy, and art direction to each team I am a part of.

I've been designing for almost 20 years. Through the many ups and downs, I've grown into a designer, a leader, a mentor, and a coach. I work with companies who appreciate design and what it can bring to everyone involved. My mission is to bring design to companies and individuals. I design for impact in a way that brings value to the business and delight to the user.

I enjoy the use of color, balance and form, and how crafted typography can elevate experiences.

I enjoy my family, the outdoors, driving my trailer around these great United States, and other beautiful things.

Reach out if you think we can take part in amazing work together.