I am Aaron Martin. I create web experiences, mobile products, custom typography, and branding experiences. I provide creative direction by way of design, product strategy, and art direction.

About me
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In July of 2013, I successfully led (then) YouSendIt through a complete redesign and overhaul. With a new name came a new visual identity. A new logo and a new product design aesthetic brought a new face and fresh attitude to what had become a stale brand. I completed a new logo, a full web & print style guide, identity print pieces, company manuals, and a myriad of additional brand elements.


Hightail marketing website

Following the rebrand of Hightail, I designed and maintained the marketing-face of our web presence. Hundreds of pages were designed and built to bring a higher class of aesthetic and experience to the Hightail website.

Hightail for Android

A complete redesign for Hightail's Android application.

Hightail for iOS

With the help of my team, we completely redesigned and rebuilt the Hightail for iOS application. Day-to-day design work was accomplished by Matt Dean.

Hightail web app

A complete redesign and rebuild of the logged in Hightail experience for the desktop. I designed and developed a cohesive visual style that we implemented across the entire product. Day-to-day design was accomplished by Brad Wrage.

Hightail email redesign

Hightail set about to redesign and rebuild the email system that controlled and delivered the 30 million+ monthly emails that engaged the customer base. What we considered our strongest "introductory hand-shake", it was an important and large scale project that touched both customers and non-customer recipients. We leveraged SendWithUs to control our template management, and I built and designed a front-end frame work that was responsive for mobile and desktop from the start.