I am Aaron Martin. I create web experiences, mobile products, custom typography, and branding experiences. I provide creative direction by way of design, product strategy, and art direction.

About me
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NeuBible is a modern Bible app designed for delightful, distraction-free reading. In tandem with Kory Westerhold, NeuBible launched in March of 2015. We set out to design a Bible app that focused on the reading experience first and foremost. We ignored all the noise that typically accompanies features seen in the current suite of Bible apps on mobile devices.

Leaning on my background in print and type design, the reading experience is crafted using time-tested rules, a modern layout, and a tailored set of well-designed typefaces. We managed the entire process ourselves. From concept to final development.

Currently NeuBible holds a 4.7 rating in the App Store and has been covered and reviewed by dozens of publications. The reception has been amazing.


NeuBible on the App Store